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Monorial - When Mono meets Arial

What is Monorial?

Monorial is an opensource XHTML/CSS template. It is 100% designed using Arial, with a mono colour scheme. You can download it for free at Google’s Code page.

I just converted Monorial XHTML/CSS into wordpress theme. Made on Mozilla Firefox, i don’t care about any other web browser. 😀 Actually not, all web browser work fine, except Internet Explorer (IE) and Opera that can’t render  radius CSS that come from original XHTML/CSS. But, for advanced user – you can easily replace -moz-border-radius: 2px; with just border-radius: 2px; in folder /css/style.css . That’s All.

Special in Monorial wordpress theme :

View Demo and download (48kb) Monorial wordpress theme.

[Update – Fixed] :

Please don’t forget to submit some feedback, thank you.

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  • aku memuat-turun dengan pantas. hehe~

    • admin

      sila2. Laju je ko aman. haha..

  • English please.. Ada potential visitors pak arab, mexican, makhluk asing dari jepun dan sebagainya =)

    • admin

      haha.. sorry for that, my english not good lah. But its ok. done. 😀

  • Bat

    Thank you! =D

    • admin

      Your welcome, thank for cool design. :mrgreen:

  • memang menarik dan tertarik tu

    • admin

      terima kasih. Design orang lain ni, tu yang menarik.. hehe..

  • sedang memakai ini theme. btw, takda menu utk pages tak.??

    • admin

      tema asal tiada, boleh guna widget menu untuk sidebar. 🙂

      • ok. lupa pasal widget. heh. anyway, tq.