I love to watch youtube with good quality of video content, sound voice and attractive video editing. I will share only 5. For your info I got plenty of favourite content and channel on youtube. I just pick 5 of them to share with you.

1. One of the best is Primitive Technology. Survival without modern tools. The videos with no narration, just video and sound of nature. Go and watch it yourself, you will love it.

2. One of my favourite cooking channel on youtube is Jamie Oliver. The reasons why I love this cooking channel are he cook simple and attractive cuisine. The way he speak the british accent was so interesting and no bad words like Gordon Ramsey.



3. Smarter Every Day. You guys should subscribe to this channel. Informative and good for all ages science. They make me think and feel happy when they come with prove and explanation.


4. Mark Weins. Travel for food vlog. Love how he manage to travel around the world looking for food and enjoy multi cultures. Love how he taste the food. We can know how good that food by follow the reaction of his face movement. haha!

Mark Wein



5. Crazy Russian Hacker. For a long time, only the youtuber who don’t change the style. Russian accent and crazy stuff that he done make me love the video.



Thats’ all 5 favourite youtube channel. Please comment what your favourites. I will follow and subscribe. And, don’t forget to correct the grammar mistakes, its’ because english is not my native language. I need feedback and advice to improve my writing skills. Thank you.