Testing Gutenberg

It's quite nice editor, easy to use custom block made it powerful editor. For now. Here I will test the block functions. Hope it will not break my custom theme. Blocks are the unifying evolution..

Software I Used To Do Graphic Design

Inkscape. One of my favourite software, smooth and powerful. Use a lot to design logo and scalable graphic. [caption id="attachment_1714" align="alignnone" width="1270"] Inkscape[/caption] Adobe Pho..

My 5 Favourite Channels On YouTube

I love to watch youtube with good quality of video content, sound voice and attractive video editing. I will share only 5. For your info I got plenty of favourite content and channel on youtube. I jus..

Need To Change Blog Niche

First, I'm going to revamp my blog. Some of ideas. It is good to write about culture in Malaysia? Do some review about place I visited? A travel blog. Make food review blog, but need to buy..

Salam Aidil Fitri 2018

Sebahagian dari keluarga yang balik beraya di kampung pada tahun ini. Kalau semua balik, tak cukup frame nk ambil gambar. 😆 Kenapa bila aku tengok balik gambar raya ni kan, rasa macam badan se..

Longest Snipe Record In Fortnite

Just trying this new game, but I'm not so good when building using material on this game and I love to snipe in this game. Here, my new record! :P 244 meter. Add me on Fortnite. I'm quite bu..